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Working Paper Series

The Hong Kong College of Community Health Practitioners (HKCCHP) (or “the College”) endeavours to cultivate a scholarly culture among community health practitioners (CHPs) in Hong Kong so as to strengthen professional status and brand of the College. The HKCCHP launches a Working Papers Series to fulfil the academic strategic direction of the College and disseminate ongoing research of the College members.

The HKCCHP regards working papers as pre-publication versions of academic articles, book chapters, review papers for public policy, review papers of the health care industry, and other formats before formal publication. The working papers posted on the HKCCHP website may be in progress, under submission, in press, or forthcoming elsewhere. The Working Paper Series aims at stimulating discussion and exchange among various proximal stakeholders of the health care industry of Hong Kong, namely CHPs in Hong Kong, managers of the industry, government policymakers, and the society at large.

Guidelines for Working Papers Authors

Template for Working Papers

Copyright Form for Working Papers

  • 吳泇鋑, 方玉輝 (2019) 粵港澳大灣區安老對香港的啟示, HKCCHP Working Papers Series. Download
  • Celine Shuk Man CHENG, Amanda Pui Yi LAU. (2019). Review of Abortuses Handling in Hong Kong: A Case Study, HKCCHP Working Papers Series. Download


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由香港社區健康學院 方玉輝、趙長成、劉庭亮 編著

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Sustainable Health and Long-Term Care Solutions for an Aging Population

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Publications by College Members

Kwong, C. K. Y. & Fong, B. Y. F. (2019) "Promotion of Appropriate Use of Electronic Devices Among Hong Kong Adolescents", Asia-Pacific Journal of Health Management, 14(1), 36-41. Download

Ng, T. K. C., Fong, B. Y. F. & Kwong, C. K. Y. (2019). Transition of hospital acute-centric to long term care in an ageing population in Hong Kong - Is it an issue of service gap? Asia-Pacific Journal of Health Management, 14(1), 11-15. Download

Yee-man Tsui, Ben Y.F. Fong, (2018) "Waiting time in public hospitals: case study of total joint replacement in Hong Kong", Public Administration and Policy, Vol. 21 Issue: 2, pp.120-133,